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Discovering Sqlite by Banshee media player

Banshee is the standard media player software in Ubuntu 11.04 and OpenSuse 11.4.

It’s a cross-platform application, but it’s basically currently running on “unixoide” operative systems only.

It’s written in C# and and it’s build upon Mono and GTK+ (GIMP Toolkit) and the GStreamer frawework, that is used to create media handling components like audio and video playback, recording, streaming and editing.

With Banshee you can  play music, videos and webradios,  import and put media on your Android, Apple, or other player — or import from it. You can even purchase music from the integrated Amazon MP3 Store.

As I have a subscriptio to LinuxMagazin (german version), I’ve found a very interesting article about it. Even a mini-tutorial online:

So I’ve just discovered that in the hidden folder  .config/banshee-1/ you can find the file called “banshee.db”.

The extension .db stands for a whole database: it’s made by the software C library called Sqlite