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Linux archives file extensions

Although rar and zip files are supported, linux has its on archive file extensions too.
When you’re looking for software or when you need to save yourself some space, you can find files with the following extension:

A tarball is a bunch of files (and possibly directories) packaged together in a .tar file and compressed using the gzip utility; the
tarball then contains the .tar.gz extension.

.tar : A bunch of files bundled together
.tar.bz2  :  A tarball (a .tar file inside a .bz2 file. )
.tar.gz : A traditional tarball, which is a .tar file inside a .gz file.

Program (shell command): tar, bzip2, gunzip,gzip.

Other archive extensions are: .deb, and .rpm

.deb : All the files related to an application bundled together using a Debian-specific   format, used in Ubuntu and gOS.
Program (shell command): dpkg, apt-get, zipper (for open suse distributions).

.rpm : All the files related to a single application bundled together using a format designed by Red Hat and used in Fedora.
Program (shell command): rmp, yum