Convert audiofiles on Ubuntu by the command line with soundconverter

If you need to convert audio files in another format you can use the tool called “soundconverter”, that you can simply install: ~$ sudo apt-get install soundconverter Then simply run a command like: ~$ soundconverter -b -m “audio/mpeg” -s “.mp3″ /home/laura/cd-wav/*.wav “-b” stands for batch type “-m” to specify the mime format. “-s” to specify […]

Linux file system

filesystem: the files and directories (or folders), the method used to store data on the hard drive (such as the ext3 filesystem. – Windows keeps all the important system files in a single directory C:\ – Linux follows the lead of its UNIX – Windows and Linux setups are both logical ✓ Linux uses a […]

First steps in Sqlite and Perl

Sqlite is useful to create a database (one file, .db extension) used to store configuration data, used Miicrosoft, Skype, Banshee… Smart Phone applications…. The file extension .db stands for a whole database: it’s made by the software C library called Sqlite… This is a great opportunity to learn about SQLITE and the Perl scripting languages… […]

Discovering Sqlite by Banshee media player

Banshee is the standard media player software in Ubuntu 11.04 and OpenSuse 11.4. It’s a cross-platform application, but it’s basically currently running on “unixoide” operative systems only. It’s written in C# and and it’s build upon Mono and GTK+ (GIMP Toolkit) and the GStreamer frawework, that is used to create media handling components like audio […]