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Wildfly Apache Modcluster : Error MODCLUSTER000042

I was dealing with the Apache modcluster configuration for the Wildfly load balancing and I ran into the following error

[Server:server-four] 16:55:00,093 ERROR [org.jboss.modcluster] (UndertowEventHandlerAdapter - 1) MODCLUSTER000042: Error MEM sending STATUS command to localhost/, configuration will be reset: MEM: Can't read node

The error occurs when the servers are “idle”, that is where there is nore request from the browser for a time longer than the keep alive timeout setting.

Install Apache web server on Windows

To install apache on Windows, you can download the binary from:

Then you need to edit the httpd.conf file to change the path to the server root (SRVROOT). It should be something like:
Define SRVROOT “C:\Users\laura\httpd-2.4.12-x86-r2\Apache24”

If you are running Skype (that listens on the port 80), there will be a conflict In this case you need either to kill Skype or change the default Apache listening port in the httpd.conf

If you need to enable apache modules (if no yet enabled) that you might need for your activities you need the “a2enmod” command.

There are several solutions that you can fidn by googling, like: