Loneload is a heartland rock / metal / electronic / post punk Creative Commons project that I have lead as guitarist, songwriter, studio and web artist.

“Love would never work” was released on October the 15th 2010, under Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND 3.0. Just how it was conceived. An artistic decision: making early music, delivering good songs without following a genre, just close to the mood, free of any commercial purpose.

The album achieved one thousand downloads worldwide within six months, thanks to the japanese nelabel Bumpfoot.net, lead by Tatsu Suzuki ( which made the record available on Archive.org), Jamendo.com and my hometown area friends.

“Steam punk” was recorded between August and December 2011 at BuzzOff studios (in Cassino, Italy), produced by Antonio Tronca and me. And mastered in Miami by Anthony Tari in January 2012.

All tracks by me except “Free software song”, which was originally written by Richard Stallman (the pioneer of the Free software movement) and “Can Can”, composed by Jacques Offenbach in 1858.

• Love would never work (2010)
• Steam punk (2012)