Ubuntu 14.04 : launchpad.net NO_PUBKEY issue when running apt-get update

Launching sudo apt-get update you might get the NO_PUBKEY issue. Something like: W: GPG-Fehler: http://ppa.launchpad.net trusty Release: Die folgenden Signaturen konnten nicht überprüft werden, weil ihr öffentlicher Schlüssel nicht verfügbar ist: NO_PUBKEY EFD5FA852F20733F Well it´s very simple. Just execute the following (specifying the missing public key): [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-key adv –keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv-keys EFD5FA852F20733F And then […]

MySQL CHECK constraint alternative: triggers!

Yesterday I discovered the powerful hibernate check constraint (@org.hibernate.annotations.Check) , which can be directly added in your entity class like this: Unfortunately, as you can read in the official MySQL docs, “the CHECK clause is parsed but ignored by all storage engines”. Yesterday I found out that MySql 5.X doesn´t support the SQL CHECK constraint. […]