Perl script using LWP module

Library FOR WWW in Perl (LWP) In Linux you can istall all the perl modules about the web (LWP, URI, URL, HTTP…) at once: :~$ sudo apt-get install libwww-perl LWP is the most used Perl module for accessing data on the web. LWP::Simple – module to get document by http its functions don’t support cookies […]

Linux file system

filesystem: the files and directories (or folders), the method used to store data on the hard drive (such as the ext3 filesystem. – Windows keeps all the important system files in a single directory C:\ – Linux follows the lead of its UNIX – Windows and Linux setups are both logical ✓ Linux uses a […]

Linux archives file extensions

Although rar and zip files are supported, linux has its on archive file extensions too. When you’re looking for software or when you need to save yourself some space, you can find files with the following extension: A tarball is a bunch of files (and possibly directories) packaged together in a .tar file and compressed […]